Our Pastors

To say our journey has been typical is an understatement.  My wife, Sara, and I began dating as freshmen in high school, which allowed us to be a part of each other’s maturing process as we went from young teenagers into adulthood.  Our walk with Jesus began thanks to an invite from friends to Waterloo Open Bible Church. That important first step lead to Sara and I accepting Jesus as our Savior as juniors in high school, followed by a community of people accepting us as family and helping two young adults discover who God created them to be.

blake-and-saraResonate Church began as a dream in 2013, as we were two-newly appointed youth pastors sitting at Open Bible Church’s National Convention in Colorado Springs. It was there that God birthed a dream in our hearts to plant a church one day.  In June of 2015, my dad passed away suddenly and with his passing Sara and I took a step back to look at life and ask God if it was time to pursue the next chapter. After a few months of prayer and support from leaders and mentors we knew it was time to embark on our new journey.  So we left our hometown and moved our family up to Minneapolis, MN to plant Resonate Church in the Uptown Neighborhood.

Looking back at the early years, it is comforting to see how God was not only molding us individually but as partners to fulfill the plan He had set for us.  Now here we are, two kids, three houses, and several different hair styles later getting ready to begin our most exciting adventure yet.  We are excited to plant an Resonate Church which we pray will allow others to experience Christ and be accepted into a community of people who do life together the way we did so many years ago.